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Service and Support Announcement for Discontinued OEM UL and ULC Laser Models

July 2020

Effective July 16, 2020, ULS will no longer fully support the following discontinued products:

  • UL single resonator laser models
  • ULC dual resonator laser models

ULS discontinued sales of these products in 2006 with the introduction of the ULR and ULCR models. Certain critical replacement parts for UL and ULC products are no longer available.

UL and ULC lasers may be shipped to ULS for reprocessing at a fee, based on the laser type and wattage. For reprocessing fees, please contact ULS Support at or +1 480 609-0297.

ULS will make a good faith effort, with no guarantee, to repair your laser to meet original specifications. If the laser does not meet specifications after reprocessing, ULS will either return or dispose of the laser at your request. Full reprocessing fees apply regardless of repair success. Additionally, warranty is not available for lasers returned to you that could not be reprocessed to meet specifications.

We recognize the impact this change in support of your laser might have on your operation. If you have questions regarding this announcement or if you would like to transition to a current laser model, please contact a ULS Sales Representative to discuss.

Discontinuation of OEM Water Cooled and Class 4 Lasers

December 2019

ULS has discontinued all OEM water-cooled lasers and Class 4 lasers (both air- and water-cooled) from its product portfolio. These lasers are no longer available for purchase.

ULS will continue to service these lasers for the life of the laser. For water-cooled lasers, should the laser not be repairable, ULS may replace the laser, at its sole discretion, with a standard air-cooled laser of the same configuration.

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