Integration Considerations

Physical Dimensions

Our lasers are extremely space efficient combining built in cooling provisions and RF power supplies in a single compact package. For more detailed measurements, configure your exact laser using the Laser Configurator.


Threaded holes for mounting are provided in the laser baseplate. All ULS lasers are internally mounted in a 3 point arrangement to allow for thermal expansion. The mounting surface must be flat within 0.025 inches and the baseplate should never be removed from the laser.


Universal CO2 lasers can be configured to project a beam parallel or perpendicular to the laser axis. An optional red diode laser pointer can be installed to assist with aligning the laser.

Power Control

Average output power levels can be controlled by pulse width modulation of the input signal. ULR lasers can be modulated for duty cycles from 0 through CW.

Note: Supplying a modulation voltage different from that stated in the specifications will make laser modulation unpredictable and may damage the laser.

Power Supply

A high quality 48 volt DC power supply should be used to power the laser. Nominal output should not exceed 48 volts (±1%) and regulation should be within 0.5% under 100% load. The power supply should have transient load characteristics to handle the fluctuating current due to laser modulation.

Cooling System

Air cooling: Care must be taken to ensure air cooled lasers remain at the proper operating temperature. The exhaust vents must not be blocked and the air supplied to the intake must be filtered. Air cooled lasers are also sensitive to ambient temperatures: higher ambient temperatures will reduce power output.


The laser source is only part of your laser solution. You will likely need optics of various kinds to direct the energy produced by the laser source.

Configure your laser

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